Discover The 8-Minute Stretching And Mobility Routines That Can Remove Muscle Tension And Joint Tightness In The Next 30 Days

Develop Full, Lasting Flexibility You Can Display Anytime, Without The Need Of A Warm-Up ...Regardless Of Your Age, Body Type Or Your Current Fitness Level

Created By Multiple Award Winning Flexibility Coach With Over 1,000,000 Beginners And Advanced Students Worldwide

Do You Feel...

  • ...that you're just not the type of person who can become fully flexible, drop into splits, backbends or full head-to-toes?
  • ...tired with long stretching routines that simply don’t provide the results they promise?
  • ...locked within an aching body and struggling with mobility of your back, hips, shoulders or spine?
  • ...drained and lacking energy to get through the day?
  • ...that you need to boost performance in sports like running, yoga, golf, strength training, cycling, martial arts or dancing?
  • ...that you're only flexible right after you've finished stretching and few hours later, you are tight all over again?

Then you're at the right spot! 

I'm going to reveal to you simple, highly effective 8-minute routines that will give you lasting and much faster flexibility results than any other currently known method.

Choosing The Right Or Wrong Method Of Stretching Makes The Difference Between Becoming Flexible Quickly And Permanently Or Struggling For Years And Only See Small, If Any Results At All

I'm talking about this type of results ...achieved by my students.

"This method removed my back pain and made me much more flexible in just 4 weeks than 6 months of yoga."

Mary W., 43

"I was told my hips won't let me do full side and front splits. With this method I was able to achieve all of them."

Ben Wagner, 48

"Had I known about this program years ago, I would have saved thousands on treatments."

Lorraine O., 54

John Peinert Two weeks and touched my toes for the first time in 30 years. It works.

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Clarice Morrison This is a great system. I purchased it and I'm doing front and side splits at the gym and in the office. I get commented on what I'm doing and I let them know how to get this program online...they're amazed.

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Greg Perret 100% works! I'm a lifetime martial artist and could never full split, thanks to this program it's not a problem, and I'm 57.

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Karl Lavis I started few weeks ago, lower back pains are reducing a lot. Definitely worth it, especially after my hip replacement. I've been stretching just three times a week. Doesn't take long and body appreciates it.

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Rebeccas Docimo This program really works. Simple, no-nonsense and quick. Unlike most programs, I don’t dread doing this, maybe because the results can be seen quickly. I feel like I’ve made progress after each short session.

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Lori Moore first week in and have more flexibility, 63 and getting more flexible.

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Truth Is, Old-School Stretching Methods Only Work For Children ...If You're An Adult Or Senior Who Needs More Flexibility And Relief Without Wasting Precious Time, Keep Reading

Hi, my name is Alex and unlike most flexibility coaches, I only started stretching and became flexible in my mid 40s.

Thanks to a surprisingly simple "neuromuscular loophole" that rehabilitation and sport experts either don't yet know about or keep behind closed doors for top-level athletes.

If all your past efforts to become flexible failed, it's certainly not because of your genetics, short muscles, unfavorable hip configurations or anything like that either.

You simply followed a method suitable only for the young generation.

Adolescents and teenagers have a lot of collagen stored in their bodies because their muscles, bones and ligaments are still growing.

They can use pretty much any stretching method and with some consistency they can get flexible quickly.

Starting at the age of 20, both the collagen levels and your flexibility decreases by 10% every 10 years.

If you're over 20, using old-fashioned methods such as merely holding a stretch or stretching dynamically won't make you flexible anytime soon, if ever.

So How Can You Achieve Full, Lasting Flexibility And See Progress Starting In Your Very First Session?

What traditional schools of stretching don't teach, but science does is that your muscles are and have always been flexible enough to get you into the deepest stretches, including full splits.

Every muscle in every person can be stretched up to 130% of its resting length. 

For example, full splits, complete head-to-toes and back bends only require your muscles to be stretched to about 108% of their resting length, or less.

So why can't you do full splits right now? And why aren't we all equally flexible in the first place?

Because there are certain inherent "survival reflexes" protecting your muscles from possible injuries and one of them is stopping you from stretching deeper.

Moments at which these reflexes naturally trigger vary from person to person. Here's how they work:

While one reflex contracts your muscles every time you try to stretch them beyond their usual daily range of motion, the other commands your muscles to relax every time you load them with heavy weight they can't handle. In science, they're known as myotatic and inverse myotatic (stretch) reflexes. 

This program uses the inverse myotatic reflex to inhibit the other and induce deeper muscle relaxation leading to faster and lasting flexibility improvement.


More Feedback From Community Of Members

"Bad hip and tight legs gone! I didn't start stretching to achieve splits, but my jaw dropped when I tried."

Alisa Davidov, 83

"Steady progress from the very first session, back pain is gone and I my running endurance went up!"

Jean-Luc O., 56

"Ok I’m amazed! Day 24: I’m now able to do a full head to toe. I was NEVER able to do this. Recommended!"

Renate B., 60

I've Taken The Guesswork Out Of The Equation And Made Everything Simple For You

Since 2019 To Date Over 1,000,000 People Joined This Program

I’ve spent over 5 years developing, testing and refining this unique method consisting of latest discoveries in Western science of physiology.

No matter if you're a beginner or advanced athlete, this done-for-you video program is designed to get you rapid, proven and lasting flexibility results you thought were impossible to achieve.


Gain flexibility without forcing yourself into stretches, feel no frustration, just pure motivation to practice regularly.

This "contract-relax-increase" protocol will relax tight muscles every time you reach your maximum momentary flexibility, so you can move further in your stretches.

Once this process becomes ingrained into your neural pathways, you'll be able to relax your muscles anytime using just a few conscious muscle contractions.

Everything comes in a simple, easy to follow format.

You simply follow the routines 3 times per week at home for the next 4 weeks.

Introducing Hyperbolic Stretching® V 3.0

The SuperFlows

The Only Whole-Body Flexibility Online Video Program Based On Natural Muscle Reflex

Only Today: $97 $37

One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access. Backed by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No hidden fees or re-billing. View on any device including smart TV.

What's Inside This Beginner To Advanced Program

You get access to 6 different sets of online video routines (21 in total) each targeting different muscle groups and body parts, so you can combine them according to your specific needs.

Every set of routines starts with stretching flows for beginners and then proceeds through intermediate to advanced levels.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside The Course

  • The 5-second muscle contraction method that boosts muscle flexibility in by stretching just 8 minutes per day...
  • How to do full splits or any other pose at any age, anytime and anywhere, without the need of a warm-up...
  • The #3 biggest stretching mistakes everyone does when stretching for muscle and joint relief, including your back, hips, spine and shoulders...
  • How to stretch for better performance in any sport and achieve total control over the most difficult movements... 
  • The bulletproof evidence your hips are flexible enough to get you into full splits, back bends and front bends without restriction...
  • How groin stretches (leading to full side splits) improve pelvic floor strength and reinforce your bladder and bowel control at any age...
  • Why stretching your hip flexors and hamstrings flexible not only get you into full front splits but they also relieve lower back pain and can completely wipe out sciatica...
  • How to easily achieve full head-to-toe and why it's a bit more difficult than achieving full splits ...and nope, it's not because your legs are too long...
  • Quickest and easiest way to warm-up your muscles before stretching session without doing any cardiovascular exercises...
  • How to strengthen 85% muscles in your body with one single pose and improve your body posture at the same time

For Less Than The Price Of One Personal Session You Get A Lifetime Of Whole Body Flexibility And Training

The SuperFlows

You'll Receive Lifetime Access To...

The Complete Beginner To Advanced Online Video Program

  • Complete Side Split Program For Lateral Hip Opening & Pelvic Strength
  • Full Front Split Program For Hamstrings, Hip Flexors & Back Relief
  • Head To Toe Program Designed For Back Strength & Spinal Relaxation
  • Complete Back Bend Routines For Full Body Strength & Posture
  • Upper Body Stretching For Relaxation And Shoulder Recovery
  • Advanced Dynamic Flexibility for Athletic And Pelvic Mobility

You are set up for success with...

  • Lifetime Access - Start the program and replay at any time 
  • Support - Get direct access to me for any questions you may have
  • Facebook Community - Become a part of Facebook member group
  • Playback On Any Device - Stream on mobile, table, desktop PC or TV

Regular Price: $97

Today Only: $37

Offer ends in:


You missed out!

One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access. Backed by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No hidden fees or re-billing. View on any device including smart TV.

My Guarantee Is Simple.

Get Results Or It's FREE!

If within 60 days from purchase you're unhappy with this course, simply contact me at and I will issue a prompt refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Compare it to the instructors that you may be paying for now.

Do they offer any guarantees? I do. 

I know this method is life-changing and honestly, I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity.

Have More Questions? Here Are My Answers

How do I receive the program?

After ordering Hyperbolic Stretching you'll be instantly emailed your access details in an email from our payment processor Clickbank. Inside you'll find access the complete video instruction program including step-by-step video routines, introduction and exercise explanation videos. You can access the portal on any device connected to the internet!

Is it really one time payment?

Yes it is! I do not charge monthly for this program. It's a one time only fee plus sales tax, if applicable in your state. Exchange rates and local taxes may apply if you live outside US. There are no other hidden costs or fees.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! You get lifetime access and you can view the program on any device, you can even cast it from your smart phone to your smart TV if you want.

Is the program live or pre-recorded?

It's all online videos you can watch, replay and follow anytime and on any device. You can also cast it to your smart TV. You get lifetime access.

Is this program beginner friendly?

Yes, absolutely! We've had people over 75 years of age, all body types (skinny, chubby) going through the program and experiencing real results in as little as 7 to14 days.

How does it work?

Hyperbolic Stretching uses strategic training protocol and specific set/rep combinations to target your muscle survival reflex also known as myotatic reflex (or stretch reflex) that not only improves flexibility in safe and accelerated way but it also, increases muscular strength, relieves joint tightness, muscle tension and improves overal body posture.

Do I need equipment or partner?

Not at all! The only equipment you may need is a chair and bed!

Do I need to go down on the floor?

Not at all! You can do all the exercises that I show on the floor on your bed!

I'm outside US, can I still join?

Yes! This program is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Do I get any support?

Yes! Should you need any extra support you can send me a private message via Facebook or Instagram. Just like my Facebook page Hyperbolic Stretching. Me and my team are already there waiting for you.

Even More Feedback From Our Members

"Not only have I become flexible... I can now do splits whenever I want. It's the best stretching program ever!"

Elsa P., 64

"After simple 10-second hip mobility test I knew I'm in the 99.999% population who can do full 180-degree side split."  

Jason B., 36

"I was skeptical at first as I used to be tight all my life. I can now do splits completely cold, my hips feel strong."

Catherine D., 87

Tammy Cecile I started last week and I already have gone down further with my splits im amazed! I feel lighter on my feet in my long distance running.

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Wanda R Joudrey I am also enjoying these techniques! The soreness in my hips when I sleep at night has been relieved! Finally!

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Laura Van Bakel I'm 1 week in and I'm already noticing a huge improvement in my flexibility...and my back pain is noticeably less than it was.

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Jason Morgan Just finished day 2. I couldn't touch my toes to start and I can already grab around the soles of my feet! I can actually feel the release of tension in my hip flexors. It's incredible so far! 

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Tiffany Ima Akpan I just did week 1 exercise. Excited that it's only 8 minutes! Was closer to having my right split in just one go!

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Skelly Jane I love this program. I couldn't even touch my toes and I got to where I could wear 3" platform sneakers and have my palms flat on the ground. My body is so grateful!

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The SuperFlows

Join Over 1,000,000 People And Start Your Flexibility Transformation Journey Today!

Regular Price: $97

Today Only: $37

Offer ends in:


You missed out!

One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access. Backed by 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No hidden fees or re-billing. View on any device including smart TV.

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