Is It Possible for Any Man Or Woman To Achieve Full Muscle Flexibility, Ramp-Up Core Strength And Kicking Speed Using This Brand New Superfast Stretching Protocol?

Discover The Effortless 8-Minute Secret To Full Splits And Ultra-High Kicking Speed...Without The Need Of A Warm-Up!

Welcome dear one,

I've been eagerly awaiting your arrival.

WHAT IF I told you conventional stretching isn't just building your flexibility at a very slow pace but it's also secretly sabotaging your muscle strength, acceleration speed and mobility?

I'm going to reveal to you a simple, yet highly effective 8-minute per day routine that will skyrocket your sport performance and improve your athletic skills. 

Yes, right now is the moment you've been waiting for...

You're ready to experience the benefits of full mobility and high levels of elasticity. 

Before I reveal my secret trick to you, I need to start at the beginning and share with you the deeply personal story that brought me here today.

Let me first introduce myself. 

My name is Alex Larsson and believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Two years ago, I left my PC programming career only to become a flexibility and core strength advisor.

To this date, I've helped hundreds of people from all walks of life achieve significant gains in muscle elasticity. 

I discovered surprisingly simple "neuromuscular loophole" everyone else, including sports specialists experts overlooked. My previous job almost made me completely paralyzed.

As a programmer I used to spend over 10 hours behind my computer almost every day. Until one evening, after 12 hours of coding I couldn't stand up from chair.

I experienced total neuro-muscular shutdown of my lower back, hips and thigh muscles.


I was told it could take months of rehabilitation until my system reactivates.

Luckily, that wasn't my case because what I discovered not only helped me back on my feet.

It gave me much, much more...

If You’re An Person Who Needs More Flexibility, Enhanced Speed And Jumping Power Without Wasting Precious Time With Outdated Methods… Keep Reading.

Yes, what you're about to learn is powerful.

And if you think that I'm talking about some complicated body postures, I'm not. 

This natural 'stretching hack' tricks your survival system and turns your muscles into elastic steel pipes by strengthening your supportive thigh muscles and pelvic muscle floor.

It's all about the simplest body positions you can think of that do the magic.

Before I get into details, let me explain how this 42-year old guy unconsciously sabotaged his own body.

I hadn't done any sports for most of my life. 

See, all the disciplines I had been attracted to in the past required high levels of flexibility.

Unfortunately, none of the traditional stretching methods worked for me.

No matter what I tried, my legs and back remained stiff.

In yoga classes, I wasn't able to assume even the most basic poses. Same with my martial arts ambitions. I could never kick above the waist level.

I felt awkward, off-balance every time I kicked. 

Without flexibility, there was no coordination in my techniques and movements. Frustrated from my poor performance, I used to always abandon these activities, but....

The Truth Is That Without Muscle Flexibility I Wouldn't Become A Complete Martial Artist.

I realized that I need to be well stretched or I will lose motivation to train again.

So I decided to achieve splits first and that would be sort of a benchmark of my ticket into MMA Training.

I also knew that from a long-term perspective becoming flexible is much more important than working out in a gym to gain muscle mass... that you can quickly lose when you stop lifting

I tried all possible stretching methods and exercises out there, including yoga, dynamic and static stretching.... even various expensive stretching machines.

But I was far away from the goal. I remember not being able to touch my toes with fingertips.

So, I went through countless martial arts blogs, yoga forums, MMA sites and discovered that muscle flexibility is a highly debated topic.

There, I discovered that thousands of people lose motivation to train martial arts because they aren't flexible enough and they don't know how to stretch effectively.

But it's not only about ordinary folks.

Many experienced athletes complain that flexibility is that one single missing piece they haven't yet mastered and that hinders improvement of their sport performance.

Even Sport Experts And Coaches Confirm That Classical Stretching Methods Decrease Performance, Power and Muscle Strength.

An extensive survey conducted by Sarah M. Marek published in Journal of Athletic Training confirms that both static and dynamic stretching cause deficits in strength, power output and muscle activation at both slow and fast speeds.(1)

The study concluded practitioners should consider a risk-to-benefit ratio when incorporating static or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching.

So, if you want muscle power, you'd be better off without any stretching at all.

I thought this was the end of my research.

Instead, that day I decided to find a solution and started browsing the internet. I searched through all sports, surveys and studies available.

Until one lucky day, I noticed interesting relationship between autonomic survival reflexes and the structure of pelvic floor muscles.

I Stumbled Upon A Hidden Loophole That Instantly Boosts Muscle Elasticity, Pelvic Muscle Floor Strength And Surprisingly Accelerates Muscle Flexibility.

Well, I wanted to figure out if my conclusions were correct. I decided to test my hypothesis and started exercising right away.

Something unusual happened right after my first stretching workout. Nope, I didn't notice any improvement in my flexibility and mobility just yet.

All of a sudden, I experienced strong sensation of warmth and a rush of blood flooding my entire body. I felt energized and more vital.

Three days in, my leg muscles were definitely much more elastic.

Days later, I was able to touch the floor with my fingers with both legs fully stretched out...for the first time in my life!

On day 7, I bent over my legs and was able to lay my palms on the floor. 

My lower back, adductors and hamstrings were flexible as never before! I could nearly do all splits, although an inch or two were still missing. Let me tell you that my self-confidence went through the roof! Plus, I knew I was onto something....

On day 11, I reached full, nice flat front and side split.

Fast forward, on day day 28, I did the splits without a warm-up. And I can do them anytime until this very day using a short, irregular maintenance routine at the end of my workout. It's really easy for anyone to drop into side split, front splits or do high kicks!

Few months later, I met the woman of my life. 

She came over to me in a gym and asked me if I can show her how she can do splits too. Lisa is amazing and funny woman, helping me with research. 

It was a gift sent from heaven.. 

Ever since I went through the 4-week routine, I have much more energy and motivation to train regularly. 

It's great if your athletic mobility has no limits, trust me!

The rest is history. I started discussing this method in sport forums, MMA gyms, martial arts dojos and yoga classes across the States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. 

My advice works, just as it can work for you too! 

So How Can You Really Gain Full Muscle Flexibility And Ramp-Up Your Vitality While Gaining Total Power and Core Strength Quickly All At The Same Time?

Let me break it all down into two important concepts that make all this possible. 

First of all, it has already been proven that muscles are already flexible enough to get you into the deepest stretches you can imagine, including full splits. Every muscle in human body can be stretched up to 130% of its length. 

For example, a full side split only requires your adductor muscles to be stretched approximately to 108% of their normal resting length.

So why can't you do full splits right now?

Because there is a certain "survival muscle reflex" you need to overcome first. In other words, when a muscle is stretched beyond its normal length, the "survival reflex" automatically contracts that muscle to protect and prevent it from tearing apart.

This is the myotatic reflex also known as reciprocal muscle inhibition. It is the main barrier preventing you from displaying your full flexibility potential at this moment.

Once you switch this muscle reflex off, your muscles will be able to fully relax anytime during the day, even without  a warm-up. From that point on, your muscle memory will keep you flexible forever, provided you'll maintain your flexibility with regular exercise.

So, the moment you overcome this muscle reflex, you'll become flexible beyond belief.

The Real Secret to Quick Flexibility Gain And Enhanced Mobility Lies In Overcoming The Natural "Survival Reflex" That Contracts Your Muscles When They Are Stretched Beyond Their Usual Range of Motion.

"Ok Alex, but how can this work for me?" I hear you saying. 

Really easy. This stretching trick develops new neural pathway in your mind that will tell your muscles to relax every time you kick or assume body position that is beyond their normal range of motion

Your won't experience muscle tension or stiffness during dynamic moves or static poses. You'll be able to progress in your yoga, martial arts or MMA quickly and safely.

Since only takes about 8 minutes from start top finish, you'll save a lot of valuable training time that you put learning new skills, postures and techniques.

And let's be honest who has time and energy to spare nowadays? Smart training is the key to continuous progress and success in and athletic discipline.

The #1 Reason Why This 8-Minute Flexibility Trick Also Gives You More Power And Speed, Helping You Learn Any New Technique Much Faster.

In order to switch off the muscle tension reflex, pelvic muscles need to be targeted with isolation exercises.

Unfortunately, no conventional exercise can successfully isolate pelvic floor muscles simply because all traditional methods also stretch and contract your lower back, abs and glutes.

Proper isolation of pelvic muscles can only be achieved in positions where the angle between your left and right thigh is more than 95 - 105 degrees. 

And this is where my stretching trick hits the spot right on! 

If you follow this simple method exactly as I explain, you'll be able to increase flexibility of any muscle by 386% faster.

And the best part, you will be able to do high kicks and split even if you're completely cold, with no prior warm-up. Plus, your muscles get stronger, not weaker as it's the case by conventional methods of stretching.

Recent comparative study performed on a group of 377 individuals confirmed that this special stretching protocol also increases pelvic muscle floor strength by 235% when compared to any other traditional method. 

Such a strength in your pelvis can help you keep balance by even the most difficult movements, twists, jumps or kicks.

There are countless beneficial effects of this non-invasive method when it comes to natural enhancement of biological processes in human body.

You can get the same results as my students did, using the method me and countless others already used and gain full body flexibility!

Introducing The Powerful Flexibility & Strength Program:


With The 8-Minute Hyperbolic Stretching Program You Can Reach Full Static And Dynamic Flexibility, Faster Kicking Speed And More Jumping Power.

Take advantage of the cumulative effect of The Hyperbolic Stretching Program!

Untrained men who replace traditional methods of stretching with The Hyperbolic Program can cut time spent on flexibility down by 83% and achieved full elasticity potential including flat splits in average of 28 days.

Smart people are continuously discovering better, more effective and less time consuming exercise methods.

The 4-Week Hyperbolic Stretching Program can unleash your full flexibility potential quickly and naturally.

Yes, this method is so strong... and suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

One of the great benefits of this program is that the exercises are so simple, you don't need to memorize them. Every detail gets instantly and naturally ingrained into your memory.

Imagine How It Would It Feel To Have Full Flexibility And Core Strength Ingrained Into Your Physical Structure...

To See The Immense Growth Of Your Sport Performance With All The Muscle Elasticity At Your Disposal...

Just 8-minutes Per Day And You Can Achieve What Most People Only Dream of Achieving Their Entire Lives. 

Inside The Hyperbolic Stretching Program, You'll Discover...

  • How to do full splits and fast high kicks any time during the day without the need of a warm-up...
  • The #1 biggest mistake everyone does when stretching for static or dynamic flexibility. Learn how to unlock your full flexibility potential on page 20...
  • The exact hyperbolic trick that increases your body flexibility every single session and makes you totally elastic quickly, if you follow the routine...
  • The little-known hack that literally quadruples your vitality and core strength. gives you total control over the most difficult movements... 
  • Discover the shortened stretching routine for busy people that you can use at home, in a gym or outdoors without any equipment...
  • Uncover the hidden benefits of flexibility that will improve your daily life and your martial arts training progress...
  • The 3-second muscle contraction secret that lets you drop into full splits, kick higher or strike advanced yoga poses with a smile on your face...
  • How to maintain full body flexibility in just 6 short minutes of stretching per week...
  • The most effective way to warm-up your muscles before main training session or competition for maximum muscular strength and performance... 
  • The ultimate full-body flexibility routine you must know to maintain highly flexible body for the rest of your life...
  • How to precisely calculate the exact number of days it will take you to reach full splits without a warm-up. 

That's the complete list of all the amazing techniques you'll discover in The Hyperbolic Stretching Program. I am 100% convinced you will experience results if you stick to my simple suggestions. 

I would like to give you everything I've learned and everything I have been personally using in my life with success.

I decided to share with you three more secrets that will elevate your strength, endurance and life results into another level. No fluff, just a quick spot-on instruction

Here are the amazing bonuses included with The Hyperbolic Stretching Program:

Bonus Mind Power Unleashed Handbook

Your mind is a super computer.

The subconscious part of your mind takes care of all the involuntary processes within your body, stores your experiences, beliefs and thoughts that form your unique personality. 

Based on this information your mind creates your everyday reality and habits that often block you from achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

Learn how to reprogram your mind for success, prosperity and power using proven techniques that perfectly blend ancient secrets with modern discoveries. 

Bonus Full Body Flexibility for Static & Dynamic Performance

Experience new levels of full-body elasticity using a simple set of intelligent exercises.

Thousands of people are daily looking for the perfect full body stretching routine. Look no further because this highly effective routine will help you go beyond possible.

Do this in the morning, before or after your regular training session. Special dynamic warm-up stretches for running, golf, tennis and athletics are included in this highly informative manual.

Bonus The 8-Minute High Intensity Strength Program

Gone are the times when everyone believed that 60-minute long high-volume low-repetition weight lifting sessions performed 6 times per week were the best for strength and muscle gain.

Sports studies repeatedly confirmed that fastest strength gain can be achieved with 8 to 10-minute short high intensity workouts.

Plus, learn how to design your own personalized high-intensity interval workout you can do at home, outside or in the gym. 

This 3-time per week routine can bring you tangible improvements in every training.

So what does it cost to get you into the best shape of your life in shortest time possible?

First let's look at the cold hard facts...

Personally, I don't know any other method that can simultaneously unlock your full flexibility potential, and maximize your core strength at the same time.

Want To Compare My Program To Other Solutions?

To attend a seminar can cost you anywhere from $270 or $370 or more. Personal one-on-one clients pay up to $450 for a single 2-hour session.

Plus, conventional fitness trainers mostly use old fashioned stretching routines and the same goes for martial arts instructors

Yoga execises can give you flexibility, but you'll have to wait months if not years...

The Hyperbolic Stretching Program is affordable. Because I'm lookin for more online success cases, I can afford to offer you a quick 80% discount before I increase the price back to $197.

Right now, you can get the complete Hyperbolic Stretching Program for a refundable deposit of ($197) $25. That's less than a price of pizza for two.

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Plus, I'm so convinced this program will deliver the results you want, that I'll give your deposit back at anytime in the next 60 days, if you say the word. 

Achieve Full Flexibility, Gain Core Strength, More Speed, And More Body Confidence...Or Your Money Back!



I want you to be 100% confident in The Hyperbolic Stretching Program.

That's Right! Should you not see any results I will personally issue a prompt and courteous refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

Even if you don't give me a reason, I will give you your money back in full.

What's more, I am even willing to invest and pay a non-refundable $2 fee that will be taken off my bank account when you decide to give this system a try. 

Compare it to the instructors that you may be paying for now. 

Do they offer any guarantees? I do.

I know this method is life-changing and honestly, I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity.

So, here it is...your chance to do something about your flexibility, speed, agility and strength, right now.

What should you do next? You have two options:

Go back to your traditional methods of training...knowing they will only give you sub-optimal results and less than a peak performance...

Or you can choose the quickest, easiest and smartest option, squeezing everything you can from a short stretching session...

You can start learning about The Hyperbolic Stretching Program and become the super-flexible, brutally strong person or athlete.

Gain maximum muscle flexibility potential, increase physical strength, boost your movement speed and coordination in a new, completely logical and smart way.

I've already done the work for you. All you have to do is take the next step...

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Alex Larsson

PS1: If you want to increase your strength, flexibility and speed, you're at the right place. Just 8 minutes per day of following my program and you'll see results quickly. Spend less time working out and triple your performance simply by clicking here.

PS2: Your investment is protected by full 60-day money back guarantee. That's a lot of time for you to test it all out. Take advantage of the huge discount that's going to expire very soon, right now!

Here Are My Answers To Most Common Questions.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching for me and how does it work?

 Response:  Hyperbolic stretching is the newest form of achieving full flexibility potential, speed and stronger pelvic muscles that will in turn give you more stamina, agility and movement coordination.

Can conventional static stretching really decrease muscle strength and overall performance?

 Response:  Yes, and there are several studies on this subject that you can find in the U.S. National Library of Health. As an example, you can study The Acute Effects of Static Stretching on Muscle Strength and Power Output by Sarah M. Marek. Just google it out.

Hyperbolic Stretching on the other hand strengthens your muscles and increases both, your strength and power output by also increasing your flexibility.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching for Everyone?

 Response:  Almost everyone can use it with success. There is a limit though. If you suffer or are recovering from tendon, connective tissue or muscle injury, make sure you have given your muscles enough time to recover before using Hyperbolic Stretching.

When Will I See Full Results?

 Response:  People are different but you should see first results immediately and full results in 4 weeks. If you stick to the frequency of stretching (four times per week), there is no way you won't be satisfied with the results. 

Click “BUY NOW” To Unlock Your Full Muscle Flexibility Potential for Only $25

What If It Doesn't Work For Me?

 Response:  Even though there is no reason why it shouldn't work for you, you are safely backed by my full 60-days money back guarantee. Just contact me using the contact form below and I will issue a prompt refund, no questions asked.

How Long Until I Get The Program?

 Response:  Anywhere from 5 seconds to few minutes. You will receive download link from Clickbank right into your mailbox, so you can view the manuals conveniently on your smartphone or you can download them all to your computer.

Is My Payment and Personal Information Safe?

 Response:  Absolutely! All data are passing through 100% secure payment protocol and your information is never shared with anyone. My website is using Clickbank as payment processor - a recognized global retailer certified by the Better Business Bureau. Clickbank operates in over 190 countries, processing thousands of electronic payments each day.

Can I Checkout with PayPal?

 Response:  Yes! As a highly reputable retailer, Clickbank gives you the option of using PayPal and other ways of secure payment.

Is This A One-Time-Only Payment?

 Response:  Yes. No monthly fees. You will only pay once and the product is yours the moment you receive the download link in an email from Clickbank.

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